Barrel Horses

Sharin Hall

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Sharin Hall is a professional trainer and competitor in the barrel horse industry. Sharin has designed a line of training bits that she confidently stands behind.

Many miles in the saddle from training to competing inspired Sharin to design a line of bits from 1st step in training bit, to the ultimate finished bit. SH Pro Series bits are a result of Sharin's expertise in training and competing. She has created the perfect line of bits to work in-sync beautifully with the horse while at the same time giving and offering the rider the feel they are searching for.

The SH Pro Series Bits feature a complete line of bits that will get any trainer from start to finish, offering bits specifically designed for young green colts, to your finished competitor and everything in-between.  These bits are handmade and used here everyday in Sharin's training program.


This is strictly a lifter gag bit. The notches were created to help give this gag bit bend and lift on the shoulders. Available with a variety of mouthpieces.


This is the modified lifter gag bit. Its designed to encourage even more lift and bend with added stopping leverage. Available with a variety of mouthpieces


This is the ultimate finish bit and valuable in any competitive run. The equal length of purchase and shank creates a lot of bend in the rib cage, lift of the shoulders and great stopping ability. If your ready to add speed this bit offers control during the run by keeping the horse light and assisting with control of the hip.


This Short Shank bit is the 2nd bit in the training series. Its the bit to have when graduating from the SH ORING. It's designed to have slight lift, a lot of bend and minimal stop to create that soft supple feel and build confidence to your colt. This bit also works extremely well on finished light mouthed horses.


This is a modified short shank bit that has an extended purchase. An extended purchase helps gain collection by adding leverage at the poll. This bit flexes the poll vertically, lifts the shoulders and encourages the horse to round their backs to get collection in hind quarters. Great for colts who are trying to root their nose or carry their head too high.


This beautifully made O-ring has been designed to keep your young horse in mind. Its basically an O-Ring snaffle with mini shank. Hook the reins directly into the O-ring for basic drills or advance and move the reins to the small ring below the O-ring to start the transition into a shank bit. This allows a slight lift in your horse without loosing the bend and pliability. Depending on the stage of the horse, and riders preference, you can use this bit with a curb or without.


The SH-combo bit shown with standard mouth piece.

SH Pro Series Brow Band


I designed this in mind for the perfect fit on the horse... Its made with parachute cord for strength and durability and flat chain wrapped in electric tape for comfort on the bone. This pro fit brow band is made as an aid in horses that tend to elivate in the front end or have a lot of knee action during exercise or barrel turns. It helps give the rider a tool to help horses give laterally in the pole but still allowing freedom with the nose for round fluid turns.  FULLY ADJUSTABLE!       CLICK HERE TO ORDER

I have a big running dude that you would think would be strong.  This bit allows me to help him in a turn if I need to and not bite him.  He gets down and dirty to turn with it.  He also stopped elevating in this bit.

Nikki Brinkman - Barrel Racer

Hey Sharin.  Really liking the combo bit so far.  I've tried it on all mine.  I have an older gelding that has been off for 3 years due to injury and he's been so strong.  I rode him around in this and felt good control.  I've thrown it on my 6 year old that was getting heavy in his turns and stiff.  Made one run and felt lighter. 

- Barrel Racer

Hi Sharin,  Thank you for the follow up.  I received my bit right before memorial day weekend.  I used it at a two day run where we ran four time my horse loved it getting fast at each run we started off with an 18.43 and our final run was a 17.32.  This fastest horse all weekend ran a 16.99.  This is from a horse who has not ran in over a year ( had back trouble was off for 6 months then rode very lightly for another 3 months) and is so very soft in her mouth you hardly have to touch the reins.  I was having a lot of trouble finding a bit that fit her needs and running style but the SH01 is PERFECT, I feel she feels more comfortable with it.   I'm so very pleased with my bit thank you for the advise and the wonder bit.  I will be purchasing another one if the need arises.
Thank you!

Tammy Herman - Barrel Racer