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Sharin Hall

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Equine Therapy

Contact me at 580-695-9735 to schedule an appointment.
More info at  https://pulsepemfpro.net/
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Interested in starting a career with HORSES???

 Pulse PEMF Pro can help you start the career that you have dreamed about but more importantly help horses feel their BEST with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.
A non-invasive Therapy that:

  • reduces inflammation and pain
  • repairs damaged tissue, disease tissue and bone
  • drains the Lymphatic System and aids in total body detoxification
  • stimulates acupuncture points *increases oxygen at the cellular level by 200%.

Pulse PEMF Pro has the BEST hands on 2 day certification class with a licensed equine Osteopath, therefore giving you the highest quality of training to go start your own business.

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Your horse's muscles need a steady supply of blood to perform at their peak. Hidez Compression Gear increases blood flow, delivering oxygen and fuel the muscles need for explosive performance. Compression promotes a calming effect, excellent for horses with performance anxiety issues. Serious athletes need serious gear. Hidez helps fuel top equine athletes all over the world through competition, travel, and recovery. Therapeutic Socks promote healing of stressed or injured structures within the leg. Hidez Ice/Compression Socks are the easiest way to ice legs without exception. No cords, no hoses, no batteries, no babysitting.  

More info at https://www.hidezusa.com/

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