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SH Pro Series Lite Pad


I am so excited to announce the launch of my SH Pro Series Saddle Pad! I tested this pad for over a year, and I used it running DREAMING OF FOOSE for every run she made. It is only 4lbs, and made to last! Great for trainers!

This pad has many advancements for top of the lin performance in your equine athlete. The premium quality fleece aids in your horses comfort, while the lightweight canvas style top fabric is breathable and holds the form fitting orthopedic contoured liner in proper position for superb performance. The top seam is stitched to fit the horses top line and allow relief and along the spine muscles that are often bound by improper fitting equipment. Special contouring of the wither relief allows for mazimum rotation of the shoulder blade under the saddle fender for increase length of stride, and the ability to move freely through the entire turn. The overall design is only 4lbs!! The fit makes it nearly perfect and makes the need to adjust saddles prior to running...basically obsolete. The top of the line products and quality materials make the pad a must for riders and trainers.

Available in 28", 30" and 32" lengths, or custom size availble. All are standard 14 inch side-to-side.

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