Barrel Horses
Top 4 Finalist!
2015 Slot Race Champion!

Sharin Hall

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Barrel Horses For Sale

(Bully Bullion x Eyesa Dashing, Eyesa Special)

(PYC Paint Your Wagon x One Fast Trick, Dash Ta Fame)

(Dashin Dynamo - GR Playing Hooky, Hooked On Cash)

Farrtreeous JK

(Farrtreeous - Second Down Blondie, Second Down Kelly)

(Eddie Stinson - Between Boyfriends, by Mr Jess Perry)

(Dash Ta Fame x Bulleva, Bully Bullion)

(Frenchman Easy Doc x Barbs Sinn Bug, Dashing Is Easy)

(Vabellez x Special Dashing Lady, Bully Bullion)

SOLD Horses

Congrats to Tawyna Masse & her super prospect!

Frosted Lady Abigail -SOLD

AP Six Frosted Moons x Leos Sun Frost, Ima Sun Frost)

Congrats to Rene Spiller and Barbara Kelly

Cherokee Firewater -SOLD

Congrats to Rosie Shaver!

Wanta Be Fast -SOLD

(Wanta Be Famous x Smashup Faster, Fast Smash)

Born In The Fast Lane -SOLD

Born Ta Be Famous x One Hot Lane 

Sawyers Sweet Martha -SOLD

AP Frosted Six Moons x DGB San Doc Drift, Sawyer Wood

Famously Streaking-SOLD

Congrats to Autumn Moore!

Slick Lane Ta Fame -SOLD

(Slick By Design x Short Lane Ta Fame, Dash Ta Fame)

Sun Fun N Fame-SOLD

Congrats to Holly Longest!


Congrats to Southard Ranch!

My New Tattoo -SOLD

(Famous Charmer - Cols Native Empress)

Laicos Roxie -SOLD

Laico Ladiesman x Ann Teek Cadillac

Jamie Ivory- SOLD

(Ivory James - Streakin Dirty, by Streakin Six)

Dynasty On High-SOLD

FDD Dynasty - Lady Perry Too, Mr Jess Perry

Grand Beleza -SOLD


Gimme No Bull-SOLD

Congrats to Missy Tuck!

Jets Powerstroke -SOLD

Congrats to Madison Smith of Spearfish SD


(Such Easy Cash - Tuff Time Muffin, Tuff Time Peppy)